Sentence Examples

  • 2, so as to form a continuous section, it is necessary to reckon the inclination of the strata, which is i in 8; and as FIG.
  • Some writers reckon Alexander V.
  • The Mongolian peoples not only count their lunar months by these signs, but they reckon the successive days by them, rat-day, bull-day, tiger-day, &c., and also, by combining the twelve signs in rotation with the elements, they obtain a means of marking each year in the sixty-year cycle, as the woodrat year, the fire-tiger year, &c. This method is highly artificial, and the reappearance of its principle in the Mexican and Central American calendar is suggestive of importation from Asia.
  • Only to reckon with the opposition of Hungary but also to pay particular attention to the peasant voters, in the question of buying meat abroad and importing frozen meat from the Argentine.
  • Zoologists usually reckon but an hundred and seventy species in all."