Sentence Examples

  • The universal substance, which we may call the absolute, is at this stage of our investigations not endowed with the attributes of a personal Deity, and it will remain to be seen by further analysis in how far we are able - without contradiction - to identify it with the object of religious veneration, in how far that which to metaphysics is merely a postulate can be gradually brought nearer to us and become a living power.
  • The fundamental point thus established is the veracity of consciousness when it does not go beyond itself, or does not postulate something which is external to itself.
  • It may perhaps be fairly said that materialism is at present a necessary methodological postulate of natural-scientific inquiry.
  • It is unnecessary to postulate any bad faith on the part of the second artist.
  • One can thus postulate that Greece is a corporatist state in so far as it maintains a highly centralized control of education.

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