Sentence Examples

  • As he uses "Occasion" for the stimulus which directly produces, a mental phenomenon, without postulating the intervention of God (H.
  • The objections of the antiphlogistonists, such as the fact that calces weigh more than the original metals instead of less as the theory suggests, were answered by postulating that phlogiston was a principle of levity, or even completely ignored as an accident, the change of qualities being regarded as the only matter of importance.
  • 21 - the my will be that part of the orchestra which played the melody to be sung, virtually corresponding, mutatis mutandis, to what we now call the choir organ, and we need not complicate the compilation of the Psalter by postulating an altogether unnecessary " Director's Psalter."
  • But even by postulating the highest possible dates for he Dynasties of Babylon and Ur, enormous gaps occurred in he scheme of chronology, which were unrepresented by any ro al name or record.
  • But its views were not systematic and comprehensive in regard to the nations in general, while as regards the individual it held that God's service here was its own and adequate reward, and saw no need of postulating another world to set right the evils of this.

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