Sentence Examples

  • I am told that while I was still in long dresses I showed many signs of an eager, self-asserting disposition.
  • On Charles's death in 1788 Henry issued a manifesto asserting his hereditary right to the British crown, and likewise struck a medal, commemorative of the event, with the legend "Hen.
  • In 1869 the government of Canada sent a deputation to England to press upon the imperial government the necessity of asserting Canada's position in regard to the fisheries, and the desirability of settling other questions in dispute with the republic. The outcome of this application was the appointment of a commission to consider and if possible settle outstanding differences between the three countries.
  • Macdonald, while asserting his own innocence, felt compelled to resign without waiting for the vote of parliament.
  • The American Civil War ended in the spring of 1865, and a strong popular feeling was at once manifested in favour of asserting the Monroe doctrine against Maximilian's government.

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