Sentence Examples

  • The consequences of supposing AN to be zero have already been traced.
  • Taking Linke's (28) figures as given in § 10, and supposing h, = o, h 2 = 15 X 10 4, we find for the charge in the unit tube between the ground and 1500 metres level, remembering that the centimetre is now the unit of length, M = (I/41r) (125-25)/100.
  • It -is worth while to notice that this reference occurs in a chapter "De Multiplicationis et Partitionis compendiis miscellaneis," which, supposing the treatise to have been written in Napier's younger days, may have been his earliest production on a subject over which his subsequent labours were to exert so enormous an influence.
  • The coal has been treated and found to be of good quality, and there are grounds for supposing that there are 250,000,000 tons in the field.
  • The occurrence of a large number of common roots proves them to be derived from one source, but the great variety of dialects - sometimes unintelligible between tribes separated by only a few miles - cannot be explained except by supposing a vast period to have elapsed since their first settlement.

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