Sentence Examples

  • "All that supposition is based on her telling you the truth," Cynthia pointed out.
  • I can't tote supposition to the state authorities—I'd be laughed out of Denver.
  • Necessarily more complicated; but, on the supposition that the changes of rigidity (AN) and of density (AD) are relatively small, the results are fairly simple.
  • The formal fact of thinking is what constitutes our being; but this thought leads us back, when we consider its concrete contents, to the necessary pre-supposition on which our ideas depend, the permanent cause on which they and we as conscious beings depend.
  • We have then to think of a full universe of matter (and matter = extension) divided and figured with endless variety, and set (and kept) in motion by God; and any sort of division, figure and motion will serve the purposes of our supposition as well as another.

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