Sentence Examples

  • "All that supposition is based on her telling you the truth," Cynthia pointed out.
  • I can't tote supposition to the state authorities—I'd be laughed out of Denver.
  • (and repeated in Mr Grant Robertson's History of All Souls College) to cover the mistaken supposition that St Mary's College was not founded till 1393.
  • The slower propagation of light in gas or water than in air or vacuum may be attributed to a greater density, or to a less rigidity, in the former case; or we may adopt the more complicated supposition that both these quantities vary, subject only to the condition which restricts the ratio of velocities to equality with the known refractive index.
  • Necessarily more complicated; but, on the supposition that the changes of rigidity (AN) and of density (AD) are relatively small, the results are fairly simple.

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