Sentence Examples

  • While that conjecture made a nice pat story, it didn't answer who was now so concerned with forty-year-old happenings to switch the skeleton, steal a finger bone, offer a substantial price for a virtually worthless mine, and perhaps take a shot at visitors to the Lucky Pup.
  • There is some reason for the conjecture that he belonged to the family of L06brok.
  • The attribution to Demeter is supported by the discovery of votive terra-cottas, representing Demeter and Kore in the neighbourhood, while the conjecture that it was dedicated to the rivergod Acragas rests on its position above the river, in the valley of which, indeed, a statue which may represent the deity has been discovered.
  • 27) says that Pericles took " some " prerogatives from the Areopagus; this looks like a conjecture based on Arist.
  • These and other points of similarity, possibly only accidental, have led to the conjecture that the primitive Illyrian language may have exerted some kind of influence on the other idioms of the peninsula.

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