Sentence Examples

  • The amount, however, still depends on the time of flight, as the retardation of the air to the falling velocity may be neglected in the case of flat trajectory guns.
  • In the ancient theory due to Galileo, the resistance of the air is ignored, and, as shown in the article on Mechanics (§ 13), the trajectory is now a parabola.
  • Niven, F.R.S., called the degree table, determines the change of direction of motion of the shot while the velocity changes from V to v, to shot flying nearly horizontally, To explain the theory of this table, suppose the tangent at the point of the trajectory, where the velocity is v, to make an angle i radians with the horizon.
  • Resolving normally in the trajectory, and supposing the resistance of the air to act tangentially, (18) v(di/dt) =g cos i, where di denotes the infinitesimal decrement of i in the infinitesimal increment of time dt.
  • W /nd2 = C, (16) S(V) - S(v) = for cos i to be undistinguishable from unity, equation (16) becomes In a problem of direct fire, where the trajectory is flat enough (19) v(di/dt=g, or di/dt=g/v; so that we can put (20) Ai/ At.t = g/v, if v denotes the mean velocity during the small finite interval of time At, during which the direction of motion of the shot changes through Ai radians.

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