Sentence Examples

  • According to the theory above the stability is regained when the length is more than three diameters, so that a modern projectile with a cavity more than three diameters long should fly steadily when filled with water; while the old-fashioned type, not so elongated, would be highly unsteady; and for the same reason the gas bags of a dirigible balloon should be over rather than under three diameters long.
  • Table of Rifling for Stability of an Elongated Projectile, x Calibres long, giving S the Angle of Rifling, and n the Pitch of Rifling in Calibres.
  • Jacobs Cavern was peculiarly rich in flint knives and projectile points.
  • This weapon embodied all the essential features which distinguish the ordnance of to-day from the cannon of the middle ages - it was built up of rings of metal shrunk upon an inner steel barrel; it was loaded at the breech; it was rifled; and it threw, not a round ball, but an elongated projectile with ogival head.
  • SIGHTS, the name for mechanical appliances for directing the axis of the bore of a gun or other firearm on a point whose position relative to the target fired at is such that the projectile will strike the target.

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