Sentence Examples

  • And it was brought about one of the most momentous the French changes in the attitude of the Church towards the Republic. problems of the times and their impelling forces.
  • The impelling influences on the French settlement of the region were the love of exploration and adventure, the commercial instinct and religious zeal.
  • As regards the moral faculty itself, Reid's statement coincides in the main with Price's; it is both intellectual and active, not merely perceiving the " rightness " or " moral obligation " of actions (which Reid conceives as a simple unanalysable relation between act and agent), but also impelling the will to the performance of what is seen to be right.
  • Nor is his theory of the weight essential to atoms as being due to an inner force impelling them to motion in any way reconcilable with his general doctrine of mechanical causes.
  • Galileo showed, on the contrary, that the nature of motion once impressed is to continue indefinitely in a uniform direction, and that the effect of the medium is a retarding, not an impelling one.