Sentence Examples

  • The inference was insulting.
  • "Dusty's not here," he said, irritated by the inference that he was somehow someone to be less feared.
  • That the 8-hour and 6-hour waves, though small near midsummer, represent more than mere accidental irregularities, seems a safe inference from the regularity apparent in the annual variation of their phase angles.
  • It was hardly possible that he could survive such treatment; the natural inference is that he was not intended to survive it.
  • It is commonly supposed that by jactus lapidum Fitzstephen meant the game of bowls, but though it is possible that round stones may sometimes have been employed in an early variety of the game - and there is a record of iron bowls being used, though at a much later date, on festive occasions at Nairn, - nevertheless the inference seems unwarranted.

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