Sentence Examples

  • Cauchy, and succeeded in deducing laws of double refraction closely resembling those of A.
  • The Arab astronomers measured a degree on the plains of Mesopotamia, thereby deducing a fair approximation to the size of the earth.
  • The best way of deducing r„ is to select portions of the dynamometer record where the speed is constant.
  • 4 (" let there be light ") and includes eleven dissertations: (I) " Additions and Supplements "; (2) " The Mansions and Abodes," describing the structure of paradise and hell; (3) "The Mysteries of the Pentateuch," describing the evolution of the Sephiroth, &c.; (4) " The Hidden Interpretation," deducing esoteric doctrine from the narratives in the Pentateuch; (5) " The Faithful Shepherd," recording discussions between Moses the faithful shepherd, the prophet Elijah and R.
  • We begin by deducing every well-known historical situation from the series of its antecedents.

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