Sentence Examples

  • Such groups are interesting in that they are vegetation units whose physiognomy is, in a broad sense, related more to climatic than to edaphic conditions.
  • This resemblance, however, only has reference to the general aspect or physiognomy of the vegetation and to the plant forms: the fioristic composition of the various sclerophyllousand other physiognomically alliedassociations in the various geographical districts is very different; and indeed it is true that, just as the general physiognomy of plant associations is related to climate, so their floristic composition is related to geographical position.
  • But cultivation rapidly changes the physiognomy of the steppe.
  • The Assyrian inscription (the so-called " Black Obelisk " now in the British Museum), which records the submission of the petty kings, gives an interesting representation of the humble Israelite emissaries with their long fringed robes and strongly marked physiognomy (see Costume, fig.
  • The general physiognomy of the Indian flora is mainly determined by the conditions of humidity of climate.

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