Sentence Examples

  • Some of these authors attempt to separate the physiognomical part of the subject (Chirognomia) from the astrological (Chiromantia); see especially Caspar Schott in Magia naturalis universalis, Bamberg, 1677.
  • But in its second aspect it touched divination and astrology, of which Galen' says that the physiognomical part is the greater, and this aspect of the subject ' bulked largely in the fanciful literature of the middle ages.
  • In this passage he deprecates current physiognomical speculations, saying that he might criticize them but feared to waste time and become tedious over them.
  • A physiognomical study of the Homeric heroes is given by Malalas, Chronogr.
  • Avicenna also makes some acute physiognomical remarks in his De animalibus, which was translated by Michael Scot about 1270.