Sentence Examples

  • They are, however, so simply deducible from the results he has.given that all the four analogies may be properly called by his name.
  • He supposes that the law of evolution is deducible from the law of persistent force, and includes in force what is now called energy.
  • That the crinoids are all deducible from some such simple form as that above described under the head "calycinal theory," is now generally admitted.
  • This equation, which is mathematically deducible from the kinetic theory of gases, expresses the behaviour of gases, the phenomena of the critical state, and the behaviour of liquids; solids are not accounted for.
  • The conclusions deducible from their anthropological features - apart from the general difficulty of arriving at safe conclusions on this ground alone, on account of the variability of the ethnological type under various conditions of life - are also rather indefinite.

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