Sentence Examples

  • I cleverly deduced the location, checked birth dates and newly arrived individuals.
  • Elisabeth immediately deduced what was going on.
  • " Scarcely any supposition," 2 he says, " can be made from which the same result, though possibly with greater difficulty, might not be deduced by the same laws of nature; for since, in virtue of these laws, matter successively assumes all the forms of which it is capable, if we consider these forms in order, we shall at one point or other reach the existing form of the world, so that no error need here be feared from a false supposition."
  • From the Thirty-ninth was deduced the familiar "Sabbath day's journey" (Acts i.
  • For a long time the final result deduced by Joule by these varied and careful investigations was accepted as the standard value of the mechanical equivalent of heat.