Sentence Examples

  • The rocket slammed into an ambulance parked in front of Andre's, the brilliant explosion throwing heat and light that reached her on what she estimated was the twentieth floor.
  • A portal had opened overhead, back towards what Gabe had called the Lake of Souls.  Demons fell from the sky, some changing into their winged forms while others simply fell.  It was too far for them to survive if they fell, and he estimated half of them were likely dead on impact.
  • The ocean was visible; she estimated they were about half a mile from the orchard.
  • Although some of these elephants are believed not to have been larger than donkeys, the height of others may be estimated at from 4 to 5 ft., or practically the same as that of the dwarf Congo race.
  • The western Mediterranean is cut off by a bank crossing the narrow strait between Sicily and Cape Bon, usually known as the Adventure Bank, on which the depth is nowhere 200 fathoms. The mean depth of the western basin is estimated at 881 fathoms, and the deepest sounding recorded is 2040 fathoms. In the eastern Mediterranean the mean depth is nearly the same as in the western basin.

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