Sentence Examples

  • This theorem has been generalized for any tetrahedron; a sphere can be drawn through the four feet of the perpendiculars, and consequently through the mid-points of the lines from the vertices to the centre of the hyperboloid having these perpendiculars as generators, and through the orthogonal projections of these points on the opposite faces.
  • With Descartes the use of exponents as now employed for denoting the powers of a quantity becomes systematic; and without some such step by which the homogeneity of successive powers is at once recognized, the binomial theorem could scarcely have been detected.
  • Central Limit Theorem: approximating the distribution of a sample mean.
  • The binomial theorem enables one to obtain the probability of an event or a number of events.
  • If we make large enough to expand the numerator using the binomial theorem (so that behaves as), then as.

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