Sentence Examples

  • This is the true standpoint from which the theorem should be regarded.
  • These laws can be established either by tracing the individual terms in a sum or a product or by means of the general theorem in � 52 (vi.).
  • 1 1 where laan and di denotes, not s successive operations of d1, but the operator of order s obtained by raising d l to the s th power symbolically as in Taylor's theorem in the Differential Calculus.
  • It has been mentioned in � 41 (ix.) that the binomial theorem can be used for obtaining an approximate value for a power of a number; the most important terms only being taken into account.
  • Is approximately equal to -J(27rn).(nle) n; the approximation may be improved by Stirling's theorem log e 2 +log e 3 +...