Sentence Examples

  • How to use this piece of equipment tends to become self-evident once you get on it.
  • It will be seen that neither Reid nor Stewart offers more than a very meagre and tentative contribution to that ethical science by which, as they maintain, the received rules of morality may be rationally deduced from self-evident first principles.
  • On the humanitarian and liberal ideas making for emancipation we need not dwell, as they are self-evident.
  • " The idea," he says, " of a Supreme Being, infinite in power, goodness, and wisdom, whose workmanship we are, and upon whom we depend, and the idea of ourselves, as understanding rati as are clear in us, would, I suppose, i pursued, afford such foundations of our d as might place morality among the sciences capable of demonstration; wherein, I doubt not, but from self-evident propositions, by necessary consequences as incontestable as those in mathematics, the measure of right and wrong might be made out."
  • The word was reintroduced in modern philosophy probably by Rene Descartes (or by his followers) who, in the search for a definite self-evident principle as the basis of a new philosophy, naturally turned to the familiar science of mathematics.