Sentence Examples

  • In Australia, however, where sacrifice of the ordinary type is unknown, the ritual killing of a child is practised in connexion with the initiation of a magician; it is therefore by no means axiomatic that animals were offered before human beings; the problem of priority is one to be solved for each area separately, but probably no solution is possible; in the absence of Aztec traditions it would hardly have seemed probable that two centuries had seen so great a transformation.
  • That he was compelled to reject the theory that oxygen could not play any part in a compound radical - a view which he previously considered as axiomatic; and he suggested the names " proin " or " orthrin " (from the Gr.
  • Here, as so often elsewhere, the heresy of an elder day has come to seem almost an axiomatic truth.
  • The resemblance between the three systems is indeed so close that it has been assumed, almost as axiomatic, that they must have been framed from a single model.
  • Throughout Europe the governing classes regarded this " union of throne and altar " as axiomatic. For the pope, as eldest legitimate sovereign and protagonist against the Revolution, Consalvi obtained from the Congress of Vienna the restitution of the States of the Church in practically their full extent.

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