Sentence Examples

  • The primitive condition of all intelligence is that the ego shall posit, affirm or be aware of itself.
  • But how can the infinitely active ego posit a limit to its own activity?
  • That which we are compelled to "posit," which cannot be sublated, is that which is, and in the recognition of this lies the simple conception of being.
  • An object or notion with qualities contradictory of the organized; but the mere sublation of the organized does not posit it, or suppose that it is known beforehand, or that anything exists corresponding to it.
  • A mark of the same concept) as N, while logic denies it; and so - it being impossible for one and the same M to sustain these contradictory positions - there is but one way open to us; we must posit several Ms. But even now we cannot say one of these Ms is the same as N, another is not; for every M must be both thinkable and valid.