Sentence Examples

  • The primitive condition of all intelligence is that the ego shall posit, affirm or be aware of itself.
  • But how can the infinitely active ego posit a limit to its own activity?
  • That which we are compelled to "posit," which cannot be sublated, is that which is, and in the recognition of this lies the simple conception of being.
  • Let us take some thing, say A, having n attributes, a, b, c ...: we are forced to posit each of these because each is presented in intuition.
  • Having, however, in consequence, lost his professorship at Jena, he gradually altered his views, until at length he decided that God is not mere moral order, but also reason and will, yet without consciousness and personality; that not mankind but God is the absolute; that we are only its direct manifestations, free but finite spirits destined by God to posit in ourselves Nature as the material of duty, but blessed when we relapse into the absolute; that Nature, therefore, is the direct manifestation of man, and only the indirect manifestation of God; and, finally, that being is the divine idea or life, which is the reality behind appearances.

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