Sentence Examples

  • It follows from them that the relation of a real ground to that which is thereby posited or denied cannot be expressed by a judgment but only by means of a notion, which by analysis may certainly be reduced to yet simpler notions of real grounds, but yet in such a way that the final resort of all our cognition in this regard must be found in simple and irreducible notions of real grounds, the relation of which to their consequents cannot be made clear."
  • When it is posited as we are wont to posit the things we see and taste and handle.
  • Praemissae [propositiones sententiae], things put or posited in advance), which 1 Aristotle irporhaecs, originally translated propositiones; praemissae dates from 12th century Latin translations of Arabic versions of Aristotle.
  • And which, he thinks, must be posited as necessarily coexisting with the Infinite Spirit or God.
  • The two positions are to be conciliated in the thought of reciprocal limitation of the posited ego and non-ego.

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