Sentence Examples

  • She tried posing in several places, but felt silly doing it.
  • Of England, and civil war began in the autumn, but in 1412 the Armagnacs in their turn sought .English aid, and, by promising the sovereignty of Aquitaine to the English king, gave John the opportunity of posing as defender of France.
  • Heat retained by the gases on their escape from the decom posing apparatus, and by the heat given off through the reaction of hydrochloric acid upon water.
  • Wild shrewdly realized that it was safer, and in most cases more profitable, to dispose of such property by returning it to its legitimate owners than to sell it, with the attendant risks, in the open market, and he thus built up an immense business, posing as a recoverer of stolen goods, the thieves receiving a commission on the price paid for recovery.
  • And, hating manual labour, go about begging, holding conventicles and posing among simple people as interpreters of the Scriptures."

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