Sentence Examples

  • One was the expedition (problematic in its motive and details) to the oracle of Zeus Ammon (Oasis of Siwa), where Alexander was hailed by the priest as son of the god, a belief which the circle of Alexander, and perhaps Alexander himself, seem hereafter to have liked to play with in that sort of semi-serious vein which still allowed him in the moments of every-day commonplace to be the son of Philip. The other action was the foundation of Alexandria at the Canopic mouth of the Nile, the place destined to be a new commercial centre for the eastern Mediterranean world which Alexander had now taken in possession, to rise to an importance which the founder, although obviously acting with intention, can hardly have foreseen (E.
  • Going back and forth between these strategies is problematic, to say the least.
  • A pilot scheme, although successful in many respects was deeply problematic and was eventually abandoned in 1993.
  • However, some people find such friendships to be problematic, rather in the way that community allegiances may be.
  • Operating by blower regeneration offers wide ranging freedom for adaptation to problematic marginal conditions.

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