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  • You'd never see Janet on a TV quiz show yet the woman showed up for work, most of the time, complained infrequently, and, except for mandatory cigarette breaks, worked like a sled dog on short rations.
  • The following is a partial list of his writings: The Diverting History of John Bull and Brother Jonathan (1812); The Lay of the Scottish Fiddle (1813), a good-natured parody on The Lay of the Last Minstrel; Letters from the South (1817); The Backwoodsman: a Poem (1818); Salmagundi (2nd series, 1819-1820); A Sketch of Old England, by a New England Man (1822); Koningsmarke, the Long Finne (1823), a quiz on the romantic school of Walter Scott; John Bull in America; or the New Munchausen (1824), a broad caricature of the early type of British traveller in America; The Merry Tales of the Three Wise Men of Gotham (1826); Chronicles of the City of Gotham, from the Papers of a Retired Common Councilman (183 0); The Dutchman's Fireside (1831); Westward Ho!
  • To the 1st in strong perfects (houve, pude, quiz, fez), while Castilian has hube and hubo; (2) the imperfects pun/ia, tin/ia, vinha (from por, ter and vir), which are accented on the radical in order to avoid the loss of the ii (ponIa would have made p0/a), and which substitute u and i for o and e in order to distinguish from the present subjunctive (ponha, tenha, yen/ia).
  • An easy to use revision guide complete with exam style questions, revision quizzes and a few useful reminders.
  • All quiz nights are fully contained and come complete with quiz master and quality PA system.

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