Sentence Examples

  • He had recently heard of the attempt of a French republican general, Malet, to seize the public offices at Paris, a quixotic adventure which had come surprisingly near to success owing to the assurance with which that officer proclaimed the news of the emperor's death in Russia.
  • But in the most Quixotic of his schemes, and the most Laputan of his theories, his pure and chivalrous nature, his marvellous insight into the heart of things and men, and his..
  • Xxvii., p. 565-571) says: " We may admire, and for my own part I do very much admire General Gordon's personal courage, his disinterestedness and his chivalrous feeling in favour of the beleaguered garrisons, but admiration of these qualities is no sufficient plea against a condemnation of his conduct on the ground that it was quixotic. In his last letter to his sister, dated December 14, 1884, he wrote: ` I am quite happy, thank God, and, like Lawrence, I have tried to do my duty '.
  • And the idea that you can " halt climate change " is wonderfully quixotic.
  • But to close options in advance is rather quixotic.

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