Sentence Examples

  • The Deans, still novices, had more than enough to handle on these well-marked and relatively level trails.
  • It's not like they're dealing with a couple of novices here.
  • The monastic buildings required for public purposes have been made over to the communal and provincial authorities, while the same authorities have been entrusted with the administration of the ecclesiastical revenues previously set apart for charity and education, and objects of art and historical interest have been consigned to public libraries and museums. By these laws the reception of novices was forbidden in the existing conventual establishments the extinction of which had been decreed, and all new foundations were forbidden, except those engaged in instruction and the care of the sick.
  • The builders were "ignorant of some of the most essential principles of construction, and are to be regarded as hardly more than novices in the art" (Holmes, Archaeological Studies, &c.).
  • Sir Henry Burdett quotes an order, dated 30th May 1578, directing the master and the prior of the Hotel Dieu "not to receive henceforth any novices without speaking of it to the company, because there are an excessive number of nuns and novices, who cause great expense to the said Hotel Dieu."