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  • Those due to .Synchytrium, Protomyces, Cysto pus, many Ustilagineae, &c. These cases are not easily distinguished superficially froni the pustular outgrowth of actual mycelia and spores (stromata) of such Fungi as Nectria, Puccinia, &c. The cylindrical stem-swellings due to Calyptospora, Epichloe, &c., may also be mentioned here, and the tyro may easily confound with these the layers and cushions of eggs laid on similar organs by moths.
  • He had earlier opened a correspondence with Augustine, along with his friends Tyro and Hilarius, and although he did not meet him personally his enthusiasm for the great theologian led him to make an abridgment of his commentary on the Psalms, as well as a collection of sentences from his works - probably the first dogmatic compilation of that class in which Peter Lombard's Liber sententiarum is the best-known example.
  • PELIAS, in Greek legend, son of Poseidon and Tyro, daughter of Salmoneus.
  • Because Tyro afterwards married her father's brother Cretheus, king of Iolcus in Thessaly, to whom she bore Aeson, Pheres and Amythaon, Pelias was by some thought to be the son of Cretheus.
  • The death of Pelias was the subject of Sophocles' Rhizotmnoi (Root-cutters), and in the Tyro he treated another portion of the legend.

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