Sentence Examples

  • He was of middling stature and dark complexion.
  • The rule is that on the first of the two months the seller of " futures " may, and before the last day of the second month must, deliver cotton against them, or, what comes to the same thing, buy back the " futures " on the basis of the price of " spot " cotton of middling grade.
  • But what, it may be inquired, is the value of " futures " relating to " middling " cotton to a broker whose contracts with spinners are not in " middling " cotton?
  • As regards " middling " American, the committee fixes " spot " by allowing so many " points on or off " present month futures.
  • Middling American cotton of " no staple," &c. Whether the purchaser of an option gains or loses depends upon the price that he has paid in relation to the gain, if any, that he makes out of his power.