Sentence Examples

  • But he survived these troubles - it is a malicious invention that he recanted during the persecution - and lived a few years longer in active intercourse with his friends.
  • In his Life of Sir Henry Wotton Izaac Walton, calling him Jasper Scioppius, refers to Schoppe as "a man of a restless spirit and a malicious pen."
  • While in India the conception of the asura had veered more and more towards the dreadful and the dreaded, Zoroaster elevated it again - at the cost, indeed, of the daivas (daevas), whom he degraded to the rank of malicious powers and devils.
  • The one has for its subject Barsauma and the other Nestorian leaders in Persia, and gives a highly malicious account of their proceedings.
  • Many pictures of the life here are malicious.

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