Sentence Examples

  • Two rivers, the Mali and the N'mai, meeting about latitude 25° 45' some 150 m.
  • All of these, however, limited their explorations to the valley of the Mali-hka, the western branch of the Irrawaddy river.
  • The germ at least of this idea is to be found in Tertullian, who says: " Acceperat Adam a Deo legem non gustandi de arbore agnitionis boni et mali, moriturus si gustasset; verum et ipse tunc in psychicum reversus ...
  • Thus the apple blight (Aphis mali) after producing many generations of apterous females on its typical food-plant gives rise to winged forms which fly away and settle upon grass or corn-stalks.
  • 63 it suffered terribly from the earthquake which, according to Seneca, " Campaniam nunquam securam huius mali, indemnem tamen, et toties defunctam metu magna strage vastavit.