Sentence Examples

  • However, you can still bring in Asian accents to add a bit more flair and style to the tent, like by encasing the tent stakes in bamboo and tying with gold ribbons or creating a bridal arch underneath a ceremony tent in cherry blossoms.
  • Elaborate details on skirt panels, necklines, headdresses, and accessories that will draw attention away from an individual's size as well as spice up the costume with flair and elegance, while leaving the body's midsection subdued.
  • Not content to leave her swimwear's success to design alone, Angela also adds fine embellishments such as Swarovski crystals, French and Italian lace, tassels, beads, and more to reinforce each suit's distinctly feminine flair.
  • While trouser socks are widely available in plain and solid prints, you'll also find patterned designs, which are perfect for adding a bit of flair to your outfit, even if you only get to see them when you cross your legs.
  • Denim totes are designed in a variety of colors as well, from light, medium, and dark shades of blue denim commonly associated with a more casual feel, to black and white denims that give a slightly more sophisticated flair.