Sentence Examples

  • It is a most dangerous explosive P. 454; 1886, 27, p. 606).
  • Prior to its use as an explosive, its alcoholic solution found application in medicine under the name of glonoin.
  • By adopting modern non-sparking motors there is but little danger of igniting explosive gas.
  • When acetylene was first introduced on a commercial scale grave fears were entertained as to its safety, it being represented that it had the power of combining with certain metals, more especially copper and silver, to form acetylides of a highly explosive character, and that even with coal gas, which contains less than i %, such copper compounds had been known to be formed in cases where the gas-distributing mains were composed of copper, and that accidents had happened from this cause.
  • The observation that acetylene can be resolved into its constituents by detonation is due to Berthelot, who started an explosive wave in it by firing a charge of o�i gram of mercury fulminate.

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