Sentence Examples

  • He is also exempt from serving in the reserve forces or on a jury.
  • Most of the birds he describes are characterized with accuracy sufficient to enable them to be identified, and his observations upon them have still some interest; but he was innocent of any methodical system, and was not exempt from most of the professional fallacies of his time.'
  • Heavy falls of snow in June are not uncommon, and only for a short time towards the end of July are the nights totally exempt from light frosts.
  • Thenceforward, while never possessing or abusing the insolence of health, he could say " few persons have been more exempt from real or imaginary ills."
  • By the constitution personal property to the value of $500 and any homestead to the value of $1000 is exempt from sale for debt, except for taxes on the homestead, or for obligations contracted for the purchase of said premises.