Sentence Examples

  • CAT,' properly the name of the well-known domesticated feline animal usually termed by naturalists Felis domestics, but in a wider sense employed to denote all the more typical members of the family Felidae.
  • His mission was very successful, and soon after his return he was made count of the domestics and received in marriage Serena, the emperor's niece and adopted daughter.
  • The displeasure of the master sometimes dismissed his domestics to the more oppressive labours of the mill or the mine.
  • The government has aided immigrant farmers and farm labourers having a certain sum of money, also female domestics, by paying part of their passage money.
  • The Additional Month Was Called Mercedinus:Or Mercedonius, From Merces, Wages, Probably Because The Wages Of Workmen And Domestics Were Usually Paid At This Season Of The Year.