Sentence Examples

  • How had Sirrah managed to get the three scattered divisions together?
  • It seems to me that it should be organized by 1911 political divisions as much as possible, so there should be Category: Austria-Hungary instead of Category: Central Europe, for instance.
  • Political Divisions and Towns.-The chief political divisions of the republic consist of one federal district, 14 provinces and 10 territories, the last in great part dating from the settlement of the territorial controversies with Chile.
  • The general staff and also the staff of the corps and divisions are composed of_certificated (breveUs) officers who have passed all through the Ecole de Guerre.
  • Prefixed to this are two sections dealing respectively with (A) the ethnographical and philological divisions of ancient Italy, and (B) the unification of the country under Augustus, the growth of the road system and so forth.