Sentence Examples

  • The gravel road led past a small subdivision, then a few individual houses and small but beautiful Lake Lenoir, before climbing into the open and leading to a beautiful panorama of the Uncompahgre Valley and the snow-capped mountains to the west.
  • While Sackler and DeLeo owned homes in the same subdivision, Dean rented a small house in the older part of town with Fred O'Connor, his elderly stepfather.
  • Croceo-salts [(N02)2Co(NH3)4]X, which may be considered as a subdivision of the praseo-salts.
  • I think I'll postpone any further subdivision of Germany for now, and instead create a Category:Russian Poland to take the rest of the articles in Category:Poland, Silesia and Prussia, as well as articles that have failed to be categorized (like Warsaw and Lodz).
  • (2) The president of a decuria, a subdivision of the curia.

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