Sentence Examples

  • There was a man in my neighborhood who lived in a hollow tree.
  • The neighborhood had slowly changed over the years.
  • Coming now to the Germans proper, the basin of the Rhine between Strassburg and Mainz was inhabited by the Tribocci Tribes Nemetes and Vangiones, farther down by the Mattiaci n the about Wiesbaden, and the Ubii in the neighborhood west a~d of Cologne; beyond them were the Sugambri, and nOrth, in the Rhine delta the Batavi and other smaller tribes.
  • From the neighborhood of Potenza, the main ridge of the Apennines is continued by the Monti della Maddalena in a direction nearly due south, so that it approaches within a short distance of the Gulf of Policastro, whence it is carried on as far as the Monte Pollino, the last of the lofty summits of the Apennine chain, which exceeds 7000 ft.
  • A narrow ridge, ~he Teutoburger Wald (1300 ft.), extends between the Weser and the Ems as far as the neighborhood of OsnabrQck.

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