Sentence Examples

  • The Latin noun limes denoted generally a path, sometimes a boundary path (possibly its original sense) or boundary, and hence it was utilized by Latin writers occasionally to denote frontiers definitely delimited and marked in some distinct fashion.
  • Punishment can, therefore, be justified only in so far as it (1) protects society by removing temporarily or 1 Talio, in juridical Latin, the abstract noun from talis, such, alike, hence "retaliation."
  • Generally the noun is qualified by an adjective so as to delimitate the principal groups of optical phenomena, e.g.
  • BRAHMAN, a Sanskrit noun-stem which, differently accented, yields in the two nominatives Brahma (neut.) and Brahma (masc.), the names of two deities which occupy prominent places in the orthodox system of Hindu belief.
  • Brahmanam) on the other hand, with which we are here concerned, admits of two derivations: either it is derived from the same word brahman, and would then seem to mean a dictum or observation ascribed to, or intended for the use of, a Brahman, or superintendent priest; or it has rather to be referred to the neuter noun brahman (nom.

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