Sentence Examples

  • Similarly in the case of the sign MU, which, besides signifying " name " as above pointed out, is also the Sumerian word for " give," and therefore may be read iddin, " he gave," from nadanu, or may be read nadin, " giver "; and when, as actually happens, a name occurs in which the first element is the name of a deity followed by MU-MU, a new element of doubt is introduced through the uncertainty whether the first MU is to be taken as a form of the verb nadanu and the second as the noun shumu, " name," or vice versa.
  • That the Sanskrit root sthag (Pali, thak), to cover, to conceal, was mainly applied to fraudulent concealment, appears from the noun sthaga, cheat, which has retained this signification in the modern vernaculars, in all of which it has assumed the form thag (commonly written thug), with a specific meaning.
  • As a noun "consuetudinary" (Lat.
  • But the Revised Version takes the word sheth as a common noun, "tumult," and others interpret it as "pride"; cf.
  • Latin, is treated as a singular noun, is in its original Greek form a plural, Ta /3t(Xia, the (sacred) books - correctly expressing the fact that the sacred writings of Christendom (collectively described by this title) are made up of a number of independent.

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