Sentence Examples

  • The noumenon, therefore, is in one way the object of a non-sensuous intuition, but more correctly is the expression of the limited and partial character of our knowledge.
  • The idea of a noumenon is thus a limiting notion.
  • Hicks, Die Begriffe Pheinomenon and Noumenon in ihrem Verhdltniss zu einander bei Kant (1897); G.
  • In the Biographia he avows that the writings of Kant "more than any other work, at once invigorated and disciplined my understanding"; yet the gist of his estimate there is that Kant left his system undeveloped, as regards his idea of the Noumenon, for fear of orthodox persecution - a judgment hardly compatible with any assumption of Kant's Christian orthodoxy, which was notoriously inadequate.

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