Sentence Examples

  • If the perpendiculars from the vertices to the opposite faces of a tetrahedron be concurrent, then a sphere passes through the four feet of the perpendiculars, and consequently through the centre of gravity of each of the four faces, and through the mid-points of the segments of the perpendiculars between the vertices and their common point of intersection.
  • Thus equitable jurisdiction is said to be exclusive, concurrent or auxiliary.
  • Equity has concurrent jurisdiction in cases where the law recognized the right but did not give adequate relief, or did not give relief without circuity of action or some similar inconvenience.
  • The theory upon which the rite everywhere rests is clearly the belief, for which there is an abundance of concurrent testimony, that the liver was at one time regarded as the seat of vitality.
  • This balance could not have been established without the concurrent aid of Florence.

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