Sentence Examples

  • Should the rotating arms fail to pass over these correcting segments at their synchronous positions, correcting currents pass to a relay which cuts off momentarily the current actuating the tuning-fork, thereby altering the rate of vibration of the latter until the arms once more run together uniformly.
  • The synchronous revolutions of the transmitting cylinders are effected by making one cylinder revolve slightly faster than the other; after each revolution the cylinder which is accelerated is arrested for a moment by means of a special relay until the difference of speed is accurately compensated for.
  • It must further be noticed that the rise of mercenaries was synchronous with a change in the nature of Italian despotism.
  • Combining interaction and context design to support collaborative argumentation using synchronous CMC.
  • My doctoral research was concerned with peer argumentation in the context of synchronous online discussion.

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