Sentence Examples

  • The population of India is the largest aggregate yet brought within the scope of a synchronous and uniform enumeration.
  • The first synchronous census of the colony, as it was then constituted, took place in 1865, on a fairly comprehensive schedule.
  • The term has no real chronological value, for there has been no universal synchronous sequence of the three epochs in all quarters of the world.
  • De Mortillet to the second stage of his system of cave-chronology, and that synchronous with the third division of the Quaternary period.
  • One of these is the so-called " Synchronous History of Assyria and Babylonia," consisting of brief notices, written by an Assyrian, of the occasions on which the kings of the two countries had entered into relation, hostile or otherwise, with one another; a second is the Babylonian Chronicle discovered by Dr Th.