Synchronous Definition

sĭngkrə-nəs, sĭn-
Happening at the same time; occurring together; simultaneous.
Webster's New World
Moving or operating at the same rate.
Synchronous motors.
American Heritage
Having the same period between movements, occurrences, etc.; having the same rate and phase, as vibrations.
Webster's New World
Having identical periods.
American Heritage
Designating or of a machine, specif. an alternating-current motor, generator, or converter, whose normal operating speed is exactly proportional to the frequency of the current in the circuit to which it is connected.
Webster's New World
From Latin and Greek origins, synchronous translates as together with time. Referring to events that occur at the same instant of a coordinated time scale. If the events are repetitive, the instant of one event bears a fixed time relationship with the instant of a corresponding event, e.g., event a is followed 10 milliseconds later by event b. Synchronous processes in separate, networked devices depend on a common clocking source, on clocking pulses emitted by the transmitting device, or on synchronizing bits or bit patterns embedded in a set of data.
Webster's New World Telecom
Refers to transmission of data through networks, in which the transmission is governed by specific timing requirements on the transmission end. Synchronous transmission is used on a byte level as well as on the level of entire messages.
Webster's New World Hacker

Origin of Synchronous

  • From Late Latin synchronus from Greek sunkhronos sun- syn- khronos time

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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