Sentence Examples

  • The simultaneous system of two quadratic forms ai, ay, say f and 0, consists of six forms, viz.
  • Heating or exposure to sunlight reduces it to the red oxide; it fires when ground with sulphur, and oxidizes ammonia to nitric acid, with the simultaneous formation of ammonium nitrate.
  • If the two things are different, they are either simultaneous or in succession.
  • In Transylvania, however, the common peril evoked by the Turkish incursion and a simultaneous rising of the Vlach peasantry had knit together the jarring interests of Magyars, Saxons and Szeklers, a union which, under the national hero, the voivode Janos Hunyadi, was destined for a while to turn the tide of war.
  • - We have seen that (ab) is a simultaneous invariant of the two different linear forms a x, bx, and we observe that (ab) is equivalent to where f =a x, 4)=b.