Sentence Examples

  • For they simply assert what will be found true in any conscious experience containing coexisting impressions of sense (specifically, of sight and touch), and in its nature successive.
  • According to Leibnitz, space, the order of coexisting things, resulted from the relations of monads to one another.
  • Of First Principles) Spencer in a way admits this, but introduces fresh difficulties as to its relation to" Evolution.."If the two processes go on together both are tendencies, and whether there is on the whole progress or not will depend on their relative strength; neither can be universal, nor the" law "of cosmic existence, unless its coexisting rival is regarded as essentially secondary.
  • Hence his personal or pluralistic idealism is the view that the world is a plurality of many coexisting and interacting centres of experience, while will is the most fundamental form of experience.'
  • And which, he thinks, must be posited as necessarily coexisting with the Infinite Spirit or God.