Sentence Examples

  • After coinciding with this for 7 m., it makes another cut of 5 m.
  • He remained in Egypt four years, his period of office coinciding with the first great reforms, after the danger of bankruptcy had been avoided.
  • His revival of the doctrine of the Real Presence, coinciding as it did with the revival of a taste for medieval art, naturally led to a revival of the pre-Reformation ceremonial of worship. With this revival of ceremonial Pusey had little sympathy: he at first protested against it (in a university sermon in 1859); and, though he came to defend those who were accused of breaking the law in their practice of it, he did so on the express ground that their practice was alien to his own.
  • Swarming usually begins in May in the south of England, and in mid-July in the north of Scotland, the issue of swarms coinciding with the early part of the main honey flow.
  • The wet season, during which heavy rain falls almost daily, lasts from April to October, coinciding with the south-west monsoon.