Sentence Examples

  • Fine cloisters, coeval with the cathedral, adjoin it.
  • The translator's original copy and a coeval transcript of it are still extant in the Bodleian library (Bodl.
  • The manufacture of fur into a felt is of comparatively modern origin, while the use of fur pelts as a covering for the body, for the couch, or for the tent is coeval with the earliest history of all northern tribes and nations.
  • The west building, the traces of bridges and roads, show that at one time it did hold some relation to Mycenae; but this was long after its foundation or the building of the huge Cyclopean supporting wall which is coeval with the walls of Tiryns, these again being earlier than those of Mycenae.
  • It follows from such a view that Satan is not the creation of God, but rather a power coeval in origin, over whose activity God has no absolute control.