Sentence Examples

  • Even if you have a small staff of 5-10 reps working in-house, you'll still need a phone system and long-distance carrier plan, voice mail boxes for each of your telesales reps, customer service reps, administrative assistants and you.
  • This was both costly and presented difficulties since long-distance defenses are communicationally challenged, not to mention expensive, both in long distance phone charges and attorneys billing by the minute for update calls.
  • Shin splints are caused by overuse or by stress fractures that result from the repeated foot pounding associated with activities such as aerobics, long-distance running, basketball, and volleyball.
  • Long-distance drivers have increased efficiency and lowered stress levels because of special in-truck equipment such as comfortable beds as well as televisions and refrigerators.
  • In the case of long-distance running, there is no where better to carry your water than inside your body, as opposed to carrying bottles strapped to your waist or some such.