Sentence Examples

  • The man who couldn't speak above a whisper pushed her down, silently concurring with the doctor.
  • C. 5, 17-19); but in England the archbishop, either in synod, or with some of his comprovincial bishops concurring, tried and deposed bishops (see case of Bishop Peacock and the other cases cited in Read v.
  • Diseases of the latter kind are especially interesting, as in them we see that parts of the nervous structure, separated in space, may nevertheless be associated in function; for instance, wasting of a group of muscles associated in function may depend on a set of central degenerations concurring in parts whose connexion, in spite of dissociation in space, we thus perceive.
  • The Epacts Are Also Placed So As To Indicate The Full Moons Generally One Or Two Days After The True Full Moons; But This Was Done Purposely, To Avoid The Chance Of Concurring With The Jewish Passover, Which The Framers Of The Calendar Seem To Have Considered A Greater Evil Than That Of Celebrating Easter A Week Too Late.
  • The grand jury was reduced to twelve members, and nine concurring may indict.

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