Sentence Examples

  • He had been made a king's chaplain, and was offered the bishopric of Hereford, but he could not accept the offer without virtually assenting to things as they were.
  • However, when ravaging the country near Alnwick, William was taken prisoner in July 1174, and after a short captivity at Richmond was carried to Normandy, where he soon purchased his release by assenting in December 1174 to the treaty of Falaise.
  • The podestd and the capitano assenting to this treachery, he dismissed the gonfaloniere, reduced the priori to a position of impotence, disarmed the citizens, and soon afterwards accepted the lordship of Arezzo, Volterra, Colle, San Gimignano and Pistoia.
  • Milner's own object in assenting to the introduction of the Chinese was - besides aiding to put the gold mining industry on a more stable basis - to obtain revenue for the great task he had on hand, " the restarting of the colonies on a higher plane of civilization than they had ever previously attained "; and in respect of the working of the mines and consequently in providing revenue the introduction of the Chinese proved eminently successful; but in February 1906 the Campbell-Bannerman administration felt it incumbent to announce that no ordinance imposing " servile conditions " would be sanctioned.
  • The Enabling Bill passed through all its stages in the British parliament during the summer of 1900, all the Australian colonies assenting to its provisions; and on the 1st of January 1901 Lord Hopetoun, the governor-general of Australia, and the federal ministry, of which the premier, Mr Barton, and Sir [GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS William Lyne, Home Secretary, represented New South Wales, were sworn in at Sydney amidst great rejoicings.